PR2006 . 2007

2 Houses

V.N.Gaia . Portugal

Imosandim - Imobiliária, Lda


Intervention area: 3600 m²

Construction area: 460 m²

Open area: 3400 m²

After an investigation (IN5001) to find a model that would safeguard a smooth relationship with the existing infrastructures, built environment, accessibility and costs, it was determined a set of rules that applied to all buildings to be constructed (for a total of 11 plots), would create a typological relation between them. ” VNG S 018 ” is the first of this plots, located in V.N. Gaia, to count on a project that will work at first as experimental process. Starting from a generic/common concept, each project will evolve considering the particularities of place, the rural environment and local culture, applied to the typology, exterior spaces organization and neighborly relations.