PU4011 . 2012

Public Competition

Architectural and urban requalification of Piazza della Libertà, viale Bechi, area surrounding the spanish tower and La Rena Bianca beach

Sardinia . Italy

Comune di Santa Teresa Gallura


Intervention area: 119930 m²


Landscape architecture:

4D Perspectivas, Lda



JCT, Lda

Gatengel, Lda

Andrea Ritossa, Ing.

The proposed solution consists of two principals, one urban and other organic, with the objective of unifying the three intervention areas. The urban principle finds its expression on the pavements continuity with the existing fabric, and the square makes the transition between the end of the city and the beginning of the natural fabric, establishing an appropriate relationship between the high elevation and the low elevation through a staircase amphitheater that insures vertical accessibility between Piazza della Libertà and via Bechi, and allows the contemplation of the unique landscape of Santa Teresa Gallura.

Conceptually, as urban symbol was selected an element that suggests and brand  the natural identity of Sardinian territory, the "tafone". The formal analogy acts mainly as a unifying element of the entire area of intervention and expresses itself through the lighting system, shading systems and paintings on pavement that are meant to guide and point a route, and give a meaning to the place.